FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

From our experience we collected and categorized the most frequently asked questions that our clients make. We hope that the list of questions and answers below will provide you with the information you need concerning our tours, destinations, company and services. It goes without saying that any question you may have that is not listed here will be answered when you contact us.


  1. What kind of tours do you offer? 
    We offer Culture, Nature and Adventure tours in many Greek destinations such as National Parks, Protected Environmental Areas, Archeological sites, which are all of great natural, geological, cultural, and historical significance. Our tours include activities such as Hiking, Trekking, Sightseeing, .
  2. Do you offer private tours? Can I book a tour just for my family on any date I want?
    Yes, we can organize a private tour, standard or tailor made, just for you, your family or your friends. Some of our tours and activities cannot take place during particular months due to restrictive and / or dangerous weather conditions. We always inform our clients ahead of time if such a restriction applies to their chosen dates of travel.
  3. Do you offer tailor-made tours? 
    We love to design custom made tours! If you have a specific idea that is not catered for by our advertised holidays, we can design together a tailor-made holiday according to your wishes and requirements. Whether you wish to add additional days to an existing offer or create your own holiday, we can arrange it for you.
  4. I’m interested in one of your tours but the date doesn’t suit me. Is it possible to choose another date?
    In most cases, yes, but please contact us, as some tours or activities are not offered year round due to weather conditions.
  5. Can I join one of your ongoing tours?
    If there are free places, yes, we will find a way for you to join a tour.
  6. Is the summer time season, especially July and August, too hot to hike in Greece?
    Well, this is maybe true for Southern Greece and the islands. On the contrary, the summer season is ideal for hiking in the mountainous areas, such as the Mount Olympus National Park and the other nature parks of Northern Greece. You will even need a light jacket or a fleece jumper in the highest points.
  7. What’s included in the price of my tour?
    Guiding, accommodation, breakfast and transfer services are included in all of our tours. Meals are included where specified. In the “What’s Included” section of each of our tours you will find a complete list of what is and what is not included in the price of each tour.
  8. What’s NOT included in the price of my tour?
    International and domestic airfare, travel insurance, gratuities and meals and drinks and extra activities where not specified. Please consult the “What’s Included” section of each of our tours for more information.
  9. What kind of accommodation do you offer?
    We select accommodation which has been personally inspected by our team.
    Where possible, we have chosen traditional hotels and guesthouses, with a friendly and homely atmosphere. All our hotels and guesthouses are comfortable and fully equipped with heating, en-suite bathroom/shower, air-conditioning, telephone, and television.
    Services at the Mountain Hostels include: Bunk beds, pillows / pillow cases and blankets. There is also a tiny restaurant (self – service), showers (only cold water) and toilets. Guests are recommended to carry their own bed linen / sheets and towels for personal usage.
  10. What kind of meals do you offer? Are they suitable or can they be modified for vegetarians and special diets?
    All of the establishments we work with are able to adapt to specific diets, as long as you inform us in writing at time of booking.
  11. Do I need Travel Insurance?
    Yes, definitely. It is essential that you have travel insurance. It is needed in order to cover partial or entire cancellation of your trip, loss/theft of personal possessions, and/or money, medical expenses, and valid cover for your activity. Please verify that your chosen insurance policy applies in the country you are visiting.
  12. Are there mosquitoes or other biting insects or dangerous animals? 
    Danger from animal/insect/reptile attack or bite is very low and highly uncommon in Greece. As in most countries, there are some poisonous insects such as scorpions and reptiles such as the viper to look out for. There are plenty of mosquitoes especially near large bodies of water butno more than in other European countries. There is absolutely no threat or danger of Malaria or other tropical diseases.
  13. What do I need to pack for a holiday in Greece? 
    Packing recommendations vary depending on the type of the tour you are taking. You will receive a detailed packing list approximately two weeks before your arrival in Greece.
  14. How fit do I have to be?
    Some of our tours require that you are in good physical condition, have some hiking experience and a relatively good stamina level, but you will be informed of this in the tour description of your chosen tour. In case you have any doubt about the required fitness level or your tour please feel free to contact us and we will happy to advise you on whether the tour is suitable for you.
  15. Can I contact someone who has taken a trip with you?
    As a rule we protect the privacy of our clients. In the event however that a client who has participated in one of our tours agrees, then we will bring you into contact with them.
  16. If my spouse or travel partner does not want to hike are there any alternatives?
    Yes, we can try to find an alternative activity or a nice seaside hotel for leisure.
  17. Do I have to carry my own big backpack during the trekking / hiking tours?
    No, all you need to carry is a small day pack with essential items, including your packed lunch which we will provide for you. Occasionally our guided hiking tours take place in more remote locations with accommodation at mountain refuges and may require you to carry more essentials during a day or two-day hike but you will be informed of this in advance.
  18. What about the guides?
    You can rest assured that you will have the best possible guide on your tour. All our tourist guides are licensed, our mountain guides have extensive experience, excellent area knowledge and first aid training and our specialist guides have professional vocational education. All of our guides have the same thing in common – they love what they do.


  1. How safe is Greece? 
    It is very hard to consider anywhere in the world completely safe.
    Greece is one of the safest tourist destinations worldwide. Especially our visited areas are far away from any demonstrations or any act of violence. On the contrary you’ll get to know firsthand the Greek hospitality and the friendliness of the locals. Our team will guarantee a safe, pleasant and enjoyable vacation during your stay in Greece.
  2. Do I need a vaccination?
    There is absolute no vaccination needed for your stay in Greece.
  3. Do I need a visa for Greece?
    For EU, Switzerland, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Japan and US citizens a visa is not required. For other countries please check with the Greek Embassy or contact us.
  4. What is the currency? Are there any ATM’s? How can I use my credit card in Greece?
    Greece is in the EURO zone and its currency is Euro. There are ATM’s in every city or town. Many of the city shops accept credit cards.